Take Back Your Community!
Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans ALL have 3 Things In Common...

1. They Love Their Communities.
2. They Have Lost Their Way.
3. They Are Localists At Heart.

Our Focus is on Local Control, Local Business, Local Food, Local Energy and Local Investment .

We're looking to find and support Localist Candidates.
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." 

Our Mission:

To fill the following roles of citizen representation with Localist Candidates. 

- Local School Boards 

- Town Mayors, Councils & Trustees 

- County Commissioners 

- State Representatives

- State Senators

- Governors 

- US Congressional Seats 

ALL of these Elected Representatives need to move their focus back to the local communities that elected them instead of the political party they belong to. 

We firmly believe those elected to these Local seats... need to be Localists

We have no desire to participate in Presidential or US Senatorial elections. 

However, when candidates act without regard to those they serve we will endorse the candidate with the best record for supporting the 10th Amendment and improving the lives of their local residents and communities.

And... we NOW have The Peoples Media (Social Media) and we are watching and ready to take back control.

The President and US Senators were empowered by our Founding Fathers (and the Women who advised them) to focus on the National and International interests of the United States, instead of the political party and money that helped them get elected. 

We consider those elected to these National seats... Nationalists

Having Localists serve our Local Communities and Nationalist's serve our National Interests makes more sense than the current system of candidates serving their respective Democratic or Republican party. 

Doesn't it? 

This separation of power and focus into Localists and Nationalists will birth a new era in fulfilling the thoughtful objectives of our Founding Father's formation of the three branches of Government. 

Sadly, our United States have been transformed into two branches of Government: Democrat and Republican (with the Supreme Court complicit in choosing sides). 

Their focus has turned to party infighting & power struggles and our Local Communities are suffering greatly as a result. 

The time has come for Localism to become more than “Buy Local” slogans and "Farmers Markets". 

The solutions to ALL of our Nations greatest challenges are located within 50 miles of where you live right now - you just need to help take back control.

Become a Localist TODAY! 

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Pat Howlett

PS. I need all the help I can get, so become a volunteer for Localism in your community or run for office yourself and make a difference.

*Incredible photo of the Incredible United States from NASA

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